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If you have a van and you are wondering why you get flagged down by the police so often, don’t think it’s because you have an ugly face. It’s because the police have discovered the kind of dirty things that usually happen inside many vans. Not only have they been used to transport illegal goods, but they have also been used for crazy girls fucking expeditions.


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TakeVan is a sex in a van site dedicated to bringing you the well know reality concept where dudes drive around town and in the outskirts looking for gorgeous girls who are willing to fuck for a ride. The concept is pretty old but it’s still a tasty fantasy for many of us. Unlike other similar sites which bring you pornstars and try to make you believe that they are random girls on the streets, the girls in this site looks genuine and they give the guys in the van some hard time before they finally agree to take off their pants. They are real amateur girls from the Czech Republic and their innocence makes the whole thing very believable.

Each and every sex ordeal is narrated in details and you can imagine yourself being part of the crew. The crew meets gorgeous girls on the side of the road, at bust stops and other normal places. They pull over and engage the girl in sexual banter to try and get her in the van. Once inside, she is seduced into sucking cock, stripping and fucking hard. The conversation is all in Czech but there are subtitles to help you decipher everything that is going on. In any case, you will have already known what transpired in each scene if you read the narration before watching the video.

The TakeVan.com site is pretty new in the market and they have only uploaded 36+ movies that you can download or stream as a member. You shouldn’t be disappointed though since they also give you a generous bonus package that includes sites such as My First Public, Fake Shooting, Teeny Playground and so many others. There is therefore enough hardcore and reality porn to enjoy here.

TakeVan videos are uploaded in full HD and the photos are also crisp and superb. And when you add the good quality to the exciting action and easy browsing experience, you get a site that is worth your time and money.